Planning to Sell A House?

Many factors go into assessing property value including:

  • Location
  • Inventory
  • Market conditions (buyer’s or seller’s market)
  • Employment opportunities
  • Assessment
  • Condition
  • Community
  • Taxes
  • School data

Homeowner’s Checklist:

  • Have an independent inspection and mediate any issues identified
  • Handle any minor repairs needed and consider a fresh coat of paint
  • Clean out unnecessary items from house and garage
  • View staging slides for suggestions on prepping your house
  • Keep the grounds well-maintained and free of obstacles
  • Maintain a clean and uncluttered interior
  • Arrange for care of pets during showing
  • Make plans to be out of the house during showings
  • Secure all valuables and don’t let anyone in without a pre-arranged appointment
  • If a house is priced too high, it is likely to sit on the market a long time.
  • If it is priced high and sells high but the buyer needs a mortgage to purchase it, keep in mind the lender will order an appraisal.
  • If the appraisal does not show adequate value, the loan will be turned down. It would be difficult, particularly when lending restrictions are tight, for anyone to secure a mortgage without the value to support the loan.
  • Contact Sharyn to help assess the value of your property.  
  • Complete necessary paperwork.  
  • List your property on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to get the strongest viewing.

*Please note this checklist is simply a guideline but there could be exceptions to it.