Hudson NY Revitalized!

In my lifetime, Hudson has never looked as good as it looks today!

I am a product of the Hudson City School District.  My best friend lived in Hudson and we hung out weekends with the "down street boys".  It was a lot of fun.  Savoia, Melinos, Pizza Pit, St. Charles..but it didn't have the energy, the hustle and bustle it has today.

Buildings are being brought back to life and look gorgeous  Some date back as early as the late 1700's.    Buildings that have stood the test of time and just needed some TLC.  The real estate market is booming for 12534.  It is great to see.

Restaurants seem to open monthly with beautiful atmosphere, great menus and a vibe I have never known here.  Articles in the NY Times certainly help.  It is rumored that more movie stars then ever are discovering this amazing city's revitalization.

Amtrak has steady passenger counts and the Columbia County Airport is seeing more jets arriving.  All bringing tourists to spend time here in Columbia County NY!  Historical sites, theater, music festivals, destination weddings, food and accommodations all welcome them.  Some visitors even fall in love with the area and decide to make Columbia County their primary residence.

We welcome you to Hudson and Columbia County NY.  Please enjoy your visit!  If you wish to make it more permanent, contact me.  I'd be happy to help you find your dream country home.