Dipped my toe into the Etsy shopping experience

I recently had a good reason to log on to Etsy.com to purchase some products.

A real estate client and his wife have a shop there.  I feel it is important to reciprocate.

I was very happy with my shopping experience.  The products were great.  So I went back, looking for something specific and again, was happy with my purchase.

Of course I knew about Etsy.  As a past board member for the CEDC (Columbia Economic Development Corporation).

CEDC is where I learned Etsy was founded by a Catskill NY entrepreneur and had an office in Hudson NY (read more here).

In my research for this blog, I came across this article in All Over Albany which had great pictures of Etsy in Hudson.  Although dated and probably different today I thought "this looks like a great space to work in".

I am envious!

I love that an old building, once a cannonball factory, has been repurposed.

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Camilla Cotton